Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Future of our economy

Here I would like say about "Future of economy". The so called developed country, will always be good for rich and middle class people. As and when the country develops, the cost of living will also raise. This kills the common/poor man. In India the poverty ratio is still very high. Only cities are growing bigger day by day with lots of facilities. Almost all the metropolitan cities are thickly populated. Sooner or later the farming may disappear. Every body want to become something in corporate world, want to have car, bungalows and name fame. So called city / modern life. The earlier joint family concept has disappeared and nucleus family is started. Again in the family, each member have their own like/dislike, worried about identity, career. These all leading late marriage, not having kids at early stage. This is one of the reason why population is shrinking. Shrinking population leads to reduced productivity. Then where the country's economy is heading towards? What will happen in the future. This is the biggest question.

This prediction is based on some analysis, based on my knowledge about developing economies. Kindly ignore this if the content is not relevant.