Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recession!! Who are all responsible for this?

Is it the biggest country? or Prime minister or President? or Finance minister? or System itself?

I have doubt on the recession. To slow down, it needs to raise beyond point or expectation. Who raises the economy (GDP)? Raise here, not true growth, it's "hype". Why government is not aware of all this well in advance? Is this a first recession or happened in the past many times? If this is not first time, that means, the system is not strong and history is repeated again. Next question is who are the winners and losers?

Our economy is more stable, robust and growing faster then others!! Every country wants to grow faster. Earlier competition was between people working same office. It has widened, and within same company or organization. Then, among the states within country. Globalization has brought competition between countries. It has it's own pros and cons. Competition, as long as it is healthy (true and real), there are no repercussions. And growth of this competition is always slow, not a peak. A hyped one always grow fast and, peak has to create vally.

In this race, we can see lots of bad practices (eg. hyped real estate). This is an unhealthy competition, which can lead to disaster, once it reaches to it's peak.

Hyping of economy/sector and collapsing, it is not a fraud?

Too many questions are coming in my mind. Let me think and answer after some time. Or any of you know the answer, please...!


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Mojo said...

Resession's expiration economists idea that it will end in September, but with employment not picking up till the latter half of 2010..

Time will tell....